Oh No, Another Survey!

Greetings Hawks!

Welcome to the final survey before our 50 Year Reunion. The answers in this survey will be used in our program for Saturday evening.  Don’t be shy!  

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1)   Dress code and disciplinary rules at HHS in the 70’s were challenging. How many trips did you make to Mrs. Ball’s office for apparel evaluation? Enter a best guess number.

2)   How many trips to Mr. Casion’s office for disciplinary evaluation did you make? Enter a best guess number.

3)   In our HHS years, students “lettered” in school sport activities. How many letters did you receive and in which sport or sports?

4)   How many miles will you travel to attend the reunion?

5)   How many grandchildren do you have?

6)   How many great-grandchildren (we know they are all great but the ancestral number is what we mean)?

7)   Are you celebrating a 50-year wedding anniversary this year, if so, the 50-year month, and day?

8)   What song, performed by our school’s music department was your favorite?

9)   What was your favorite place to hang out with friends?

10)   Describe a risky high school moment in which you were caught and required to provide a best explanation to parents, teachers, school administration, or the law

This survey ended on 06/24/2022.