Survey: Be There for the Fifty?

Greetings Hawks!

Our Fifty-Year Reunion, the weekend of June 25, 2022 is just over a year away.  It is time to begin gathering counts for planning purposes. The "Be There for the Fifty" will remain active through the end of this year. The counts will be visible to all Hawks registered to our site. Join in, take the survey, have fun!

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1)   Are you interested in attending the Fifty-Year Class Reunion?

  Yes, Interested, Planning to Attend
  No Interest
2)   Based on past reunion events tell us your preference?

  Same or similar venue (dinner, dance, live band)
  Less formal venue
3)   Which condition brings forth your most severe swear word?

  Stubbing your toe on the couch leg
  Getting your finger caught in the door as it closes
  Experiencing a Bee in your hair (or on your head)
  Stepping on a Lego

We know they are all bad.