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To Join our site: Use the "Join Here" link - box on the right of the Hawks Home Page.  View the list of Missing Hawks.  Find and select your name, follow the instructions.  You will establish your private password, complete a profile, submit your profile.  If you do not find your name, use the "Contact Us" tab at the top of the page to send a message to the site administrator. A site administrator will contact you. 

Note: You should use a personal email as a primary email if possible.  Business emails change (mergers,buyouts,retirements) and often businesses block mail from non-business addresses such as a class site.

A site administrator reviews information submitted and will assist to validate the submission.  Once complete, the site sends a notice to let you know you have site privileges.  Our site is powered by Class Creator.  Class Creator backs up our site, monitors spam activity, and secures communications and financial transactions through servers located in Texas.  A description of their product can be found at the following link: 

It will also be helpful if you review the privacy policy of Class Creator at the following direct link.  

Be aware that a site administrator is a class member and does NOT have access to your private password or communications but can assist you to reset your access.  Any misuse of the site can be reported to either a site administrator via the Contact Us tab above or directly to Class Creator. We want everyone to enjoy a safe and secure site visit!